Surgery Post #1: Pre-Op Preperations and Purchases

Surgery Post #1: Pre-Op Preperations and Purchases Please note: While my specialty is in hip surgeries, a lot of this information may still be incredibly useful to a wide range of surgeries, and not just limited to orthopedic 🙂 Surgery can be quite daunting. However, it is important to remember that while you are in […]


Avocados! Avocados, the glorious green fruits from Mexico, are rich in nutrients and creamy texture. They’re a great addition to salads, but they can also find their way into almost any meal! Here you’ll find a fully greeny-yellow fleshed out run down of avocadoes, and how they may be able to help with reducing symptoms […]

Welcome to The Anti-Inflammation Station!

Hello and welcome to this exciting new feature on my website! It is a space where I can further expand on the anti-inflammatory diet, posting findings from scientific articles, and news. As well as detailing certain foods and exercises, and what exactly it is that causes them to potentially reduce pain and inflammation. I hope […]